Movie Investments

Movie Investments

Everyone has a movie idea, many people have good ones. We have had tons of movie ideas, and over the years a few have stuck out has being excellent scripts. If you are serious about investing in mid budget films, we have three scripts and storyboards that are garunteed profit makers. The movie that we have been developing are really tkaing shape and if we had investors that would fund the $50,000 start up and $75,000 completion / production fees we could begin to market and sell these films which will gain a lot of public interest and will spawn for demand of more in these series.

People and companies steal movie ideas and tv show ideas all the time, and for that reason we will not be posting much information about our scripts. We do seek serious investors who have a reputation of being dignified business partners.

We will meet qualified investors and discuss our movie plots, scenes, characters, storyboard, treatment and more. Email discussion of our ideas and public internet posts will not be considered.

We also have two televsion style series, one being a hilarious reality show idea, investments for these projects will be in the $75,000 - $125,000 range, - Contact us for details.


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